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so yeah i am kinda back but still incredibly tired and busy. i wanted to go to ground zero tonight but Doug wanted to stay home with me instead of going out... but it is his time to play on his server so i am bored and fending for myself... anyways i have to work in the morning tons and tons to do, so yeah, better get to sleep so i can get crackin.

it was my littlest sisters birthday today... she turned 12... almost in high school... which reminds me this woman came into the store today with her daughter and what looked like the womans mother... i mentioned something to the fact that she could use her daughters card and the older woman said, "she's my sister" i felt kinda bad but then i thought about it when the youngest of my sisters is 30 i'll be 42... yikes...but seriously... nothing else going on, hopefully heading out to see Erika on tuesday morning since i am sepnding the rest of the day with Kiz and DeeDee (i think, haven't heard for sure and we don't know what is going on)

anyways i can't wait til my next paycheck comes, cause then i'll have enough for rent and Windows to pay Doug back cause he went and bought it... i was going to but it was over $100 more than what Doug had remembered paying for it. anywho... off to sleep or something i go.
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