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my lj account is expired and i have no money to start it up again. i just bought a car...:) so at least i have some good news. these last few days have been so fun. on friday Doug and I went car shopping, and even though it did take a while, I walked out with a car, no help from anyone! and it's the car of my dreams. I got a Jetta... 2001. anyways so on saturday it rained all day but we went to see spiderman 2 and went to this cool hungarian resturant. then we just sat at home and all of the sudden Lara calls.... i go with her to this concert thingy... we were both pretty psyched about but it turned out to be lame, there were at max only 25-30 people in the place, including us. so after we wasted $8 and only an hour of our time, we went home... Dougs friend came over and i got a little drunk. good times... I wantched a martial arts flick and Doug and his friend went downstairs to kill stuff in a computer game. so yeah we both had a cool day. today we went to the Minnesota Zoo, I haven't been since I was like 8 i think and it was awesome. we got some sun, hung out with the animals and got a lot of walking done. then we came home again to chill,, now that the weather has cooled down a bit again, and we just got back from seeing the fireworks from the airport... we viewed them almost from our front door. what a great weekend. now it's time to sleep, back to the grind.... workin for a livin and all that rot. wish me luck, this week will be harder than the first.
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