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no life is wine and roses

too many thorns in this the last day of employment at the Mall of America. To add insult to injury the day dragged on, and I didn't get home until 1am due to stupid bus scheduals. so let me back-track a bit. the day started off with me calling Saturn to make sure I can get that car with my mom co-signing... i finally get through and find that there is no way cause the car isn't in my price range apparently. So I get to the dealership early and look for another car, my mom shows up and we sign inon it. I as you all might know don't have such hot credit... i chalk a lot of that up to my ex and the cost of college school books. Anyways it comes back that no bank can finance me without a little down... yeah a little to these people is $1000, I have like $100. So yeah, this sucks. I have to save up money and in the meantime borrow peoples cars from them just to get to work on time where I have to worry about the store... it's stupid to worry too about how in the hell I will be getting to my store too. So yeah join my pity party. I need a car bad.... the next check is rent... Doug and I can't go to convergence cause I have to save every penny and Doug just threw like $300 down to fix his car. Oh well, he says we will still do something fun that weekend... he's so cute, he said "I'm not going to tell you what I have planned for next weekend, but it has something to do with the Zoo." How cute. Anyways, I need to sleep I am tired... besides having to wait an hour for the bus, I then find out that the second bus isn't running and have to walk the rest of the way home. It is exactly 1,663 Annie steps from where the bus dropped me off to where I live... damn i thought it was a lot. But anyways... I have to get off this damn computer, put in Clue and relax!

on the up side I did get a Zelda shirt from the guys at EB and I got to see CKY play right outside our store window!
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