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so i'm back

not that i actually went anywhere, but i'm back... kinda from the dead. been sick all week... actually missed two days of work, but i got paid, gotta love those sick days. but seriously.... i need to get stuff done now... feel like i haven't done anything for these past few days... and now i got poor Doug sick... but he'll be better soon, especially with me better now taking care of him, or at least trying to. so yeah work is work... i try not to talk about it cause it's all politics. i mean i know the customers like me... and district and corporate people like me... but the rest of the staff at the actual job seem to not like me... oddly enough the only person i couldn't get along with before is actually making an effort to talk with me, so we don't butt heads anymore, i think he knows i am getting the job he wants cause he isn't doing his and yeah, he doesn't want to loose the one he's got. he needs someone to give him a good word. so yeah like i said enough about work.

i miss ground zero. i miss my friends. i miss just being out and about other than work and LARP. speaking of LARP, i dumped my other character and am now trying to start up a Ravanos vampire... for all of you who don't know... it's basically a gypsie or a trickster. the only problem is i still don't know how to play her, and i need to come up with a character history. i don't think i will actually play next session. maybe just write, but i am trying to put together somehting tonight as well so i don't know. need to call Kiz and see if she can loan me her copy of the Ravanos novel, maybe that would give me some ideas. anyways i am in the middle of laundry and a movie so i must say adeu.
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